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Hello, welcome to my website.

I am Gestalt-therapist, certified by the Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt (EPG)

I propose individual sessions of PSYCHOTHERAPY - GESTALT THERAPY for adults, children and teenagers

I accompany people who encounter relationship difficulties, people who are going through a life strain and people suffering from mental illness.  I propose psychotherapy-Gestalt therapy sessions for children and teens and I lead therapy groups.  I welcome you in my office located at metro Gambetta, Paris 20th. Accessible by metro (line 3) or bus (lines 26, 61, 64, 68, 69, 86). The office is easily accessible by public transport from Paris-Center as well as the nearby suburbs (Bagnolet, Les Lilas, Montreuil, Pantin)  




Psychotherapy helps to find relationship support in difficult moments of life. It can be a suffering that is expressed during an event such as bereavement, separation, or a professional difficulty. These sufferings, we all have a particular and very personal way of expressing them. The symptoms will be physical or psychic, sometimes both. It may be somatizations, anxieties, fears that may not have been present or not as invasive a short time ago.  It can also be a moment of life where the usual landmarks are jostled, without apparently anything remarkable, which is sometimes confusing. Psychotherapy allows one to explore serenely the meaning we want to give to life.




Gestalt Therapy is part of  humanistic and relational psychology, and aims to develop the autonomy, responsibility and creativity of the individual.  Gestalt therapy is a holistic approach to human being. It is by considering the person in all its dimensions that a therapeutic work can be truly conducted in depth and transformative.  If Gestalt Therapy is interested in the environment of the individual, it is to look at how we are built in our ties, in our very singular history. To explore our relational modalities is to look at how we are connected here and now; with our thoughts, our feelings, our body and our emotions. Without looking for them particularly, I will welcome them without judgment; we will confront them with the meaning they can have for you today.  Perhaps more than other approaches, Gestalt therapy can look at how we build our lives, become aware of the responsibility we have in what happens to us, and identify what we want to put in place to change.




Trained at the Parisian School of Gestalt (EPG), I was first interested by the phenomenological and existential vision of this approach, to then integrate its corporal and analytical dimension.  I am Gestalt-therapist accredited by l’association européenne de psychothérapie (EAP), association européenne de gestalt-thérapie (EAGT) and Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse (FF2P). 

I followed a theoretical, methodological and practical training of more than 800 hours in gestalt therapy as well as a training in clinical psychopathology and a specialization children and adolescents.  I have followed a thorough personal psychotherapy, and I am in constant supervision throughout my practice; this is a confidential area for didactic analysis supervised by a licensed professional specially trained to assist therapists in the exercise of their profession.


- find support in a difficult moment of life: stress, loneliness, mourning, separation ... 

- find support on specific issues: eating disorders, depression, dependent behaviors, personality disorders, anxiety attacks or phobias.

- explore your functioning and your inner life. 

- develop your awareness of the moment and your presence in the world. 

- improve your personal and professional relationships. 

- restore your freedom of choice and become an actor of change, actor of your life. 




Here are some techniques specific to Gestalt therapy that I can offer in my accompaniments: 


Awareness is the immediate attention that we have of what is happening. By exploring the "here and now", the present in all its dimensions - sensory, emotional, with the representations that accompany them, we will together seek to support your experience of the present moment: to explore its richness, to observe how these dimensions are connected, to give you new possibilities of orientation and choice. 


Working on polarities: this idea, which is inspired by the oriental philosophy which brings together the complementary energies Yin and Yang in the unity of the person, makes it possible to identify more clearly our different facets. Identifying and exploring each polarity also helps to stimulate and integrate certain aspects of oneself. By accessing the plurality of who you are, by supporting and making more room for certain "parts", we will see how to integrate untapped opportunities and move towards more mobility and flexibility. 


Experiencing talking “to” instead of talking “of”:  to explore certain situations, to clarify the meaning, I can also offer you small role plays or experiments. It is indeed by giving a somewhat different form to the problems encountered, by embodying certain aspects that sometimes something can be released and appeased in oneself; This often helps to take a step back from some difficult situations.




I will be happy to receive you for a first session of contact, so that we can look together for opportunities to walk together.  The following sessions will allow us to explore your request, the problematic that is proposed to you and to watch how you live our exchanges. We can then start the work and specify the details.   




Price of the session (50min): 80 € - The sessions do not benefit from social security support. However, some mutuals can take them in charge on a contractual basis, under conditions. - Payment accepted: checks or cash - Cancellation policy: any session not canceled 48 hours in advance is due.




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